11 September 2016

I am very much aware of my ability to get any thing done,
even in my deepest insecurities , i never seem be questioning that ability of mine ...
i have always and still am in constant touch with the magic that powers my soul ...!!!
the essence of life is crystal clear in front of me , the purpose of my being on the other hand , is not so apparent yet ..

despite my vast range of abilities ,ever increasing and improving skills, and deep insights into the working of life, there is this one single biggest inability of mine ,
which is to not be able to obscure your faith in me , Mom and Dad...
and this is the major cause of my lack of self confidence ,

it is the single biggest factor that holds me back .

I know you guys have seen much more world than i have,
but times they are changing peoples
things in the world don't function the same way they used to 20 years ago guys .

your short sighted ness yields short term results for sure ..
but enough is not enough any more , and you need to understand that .

I can easily lead a normal lifestyle mom dad .
I can right now , from this very moment if i decide , i can lead a pretty reasonably comfortable life , within the comfort zone of a job and a marriage ...
Its easy money and fun distractions ..

while that might seem like a fulfilling life to you guys , its really not a satisfactory life for me guys ...

I hate it .
I hate being normal .
I don't want to be just another normal person on this earth dad..
i am not just any guy
I am special ..
and I am great ...
I will not settle for normal ...

I don't mind failing dad
I dont
I really won't have any regret If I die a poor lonely chap without any money or friends ,
I will have a regret though if i know i didn't try my at most best  to achieve greatness .....!!!
i won't be able to live with myself then dad ...

so thats why i am fighting ..
thats why this is how i choose my life to be ,,,
thats y i do things i do
cause i m not normal ..
don't treat me like one

I know a change in you guys requires change in me , and i will not rest until i bring about this change in me ...
but we need to be in alignment with the kind of life that we both see for each other ,,,,
and so please stop behaving like u r the parents of some ordinary guy ..
cause u r not ..
u guys are parents to two wonderful , and insanely great , kids...
let them be ....!

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