30 June 2015

the beauty in art , the trance in music , the peace in silence , and the love in life , these are essentially the same things , the wisdom of the universe , the magic of  intution ,\ i miss the cosmic stream guiding me , i have learnt more and more to surrender less and less to it ,,so has the world been shaping me into this web of practicality, that presummes it can behold the unvieling of the next moment about to occur ,I am holding my self back out of comfort ...inertia ,,, no body likes change especially when thing sare going smoothly , may be that's why love evades ,,no love evades you cause you evade love . don't miss judge that ... comman sense is not so comman .
Why do we fall bruce ,, so that we can learn to pick our selves up

universe heres my wish list ,
1) i want love with this beautiful girl , give her to me , I demand of you ......i need her , now is the time ...

2) give me passion so intense that i am able to immerse my self in the moment and at the task at hand that i touvh the heart of god by my work 

3) guide me through my choices , for the next three years will make or break the human race 


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