30 July 2013

The right time to come ...

25 is a funny age to be ....!!
especially For me ...
i see people around me ... some running all worried .. some wasting thier lives away ,,,most people feeling all lost .. a few wiser souls succesfully holding back maturely and waiting patiently for the right time to come ...
We are at a time of life where we can say no more to ourselves that we have time .....cause we don;t if any thing we are horrifcally late already ,,,,there's this eptiness somewhere with in that we try to drown out with our work and girlfriends and parties and alcohol ,,, but its all there even the one's who have made it successfull feel the need to do something ,,,, somethingn more meanigfull........and yet we drift in this state of trance of the mindfull ness of the vast eternity that is this life ,,,,!!
I know  i am unto something big this time ...!! i can feel it ... its right around the corner ....however ,,, there are stll a few more years before it begins ....!! i know i m getting there ,,,!! however funnilly ...this 25th the feeling of restless that has plauged my sense of self for ever has seemingly recedded ,,,,,!!i know there are stil a lot more things to improve on before i can make that leap ..
a ot more things to know .. before i make that jump and a lot lot more things i have to fail at before i know how to handle the event of success ..but for one of the very few times in my life i don;t feel wasted ....!!1
cheers .....!!
its all about timing....!!
when the time is right your shit will sell like gold ,,,,!! and when its not even ur gold wil sell like shit !!

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