03 May 2013

knowing too much ...!!??

For those of you who don't know me ...!! I am a software dveloper .....!! yes i can say that now ...!!
even though i have done engineering in a feild that you can more or less relate to hardware and electronics i have ended up here ...It always came to  me naturally ....!!
from all of those dozens of enginering subjects that i gave and mostly failed   this was surprisingly one of those rare subjects that i always got by easily ...c and c ++ programming  ..

so when i finally graduated after 4 years of endurance in the disaster management course that engineering had turned out to be i decided to make an android app along with my friend (Hitesh) .it was one of the apps we wanted for ourselves ..and it was not there on the android market back then so we decided to go ahead and build it ,,just like that ,,,!!  you gotta understand ,,, we were on top of our worlds having completed engineering we believed we could do any thing ,,,!! naive as we were back then ,,,, turns out it was a good thing that we knew less....

so we set out to make this app with all the exprience in coding being the c.... c++
 that we were taught in our first year ,,,loll
we do a lot of research fall into a lot of dead ends ... google google and google through it ,,,,we sit days and nights on end and complete this app without even having understandign of what more than half the code that we wrote does....and yet   we release the app on to the world ...!!
...The app is a hit (it was called fatansy football manager and it is still there on the market as i write today  with 90000 and more downloads ).. which helped us get our first jobs ..that propelled us into the professional world of coding ..where we learnt a lot and i mean a lot ,,and i mean a lot ,,, 

any way when i look back now with so much of understanding of how programs are actually suppose to be built if  you give me the task of making the same app that we started our carrers with .. i will say it can't be made ,,,,!!
irony isn't it ...!!
hard to believe or even imagine a situation like this isn;t it ... ? but inorder to explain this i will have to dive into the techincal details of the application 

techincally the first app that i and my friend had made ....  all it did was ..go to this website that we didn;t own ,,, collect data from there and display it in a user friendly way in android ,,,!!
sounds simple right ,,,,!!
it actually was ,,,!! how ever the only technical glitch is there was no api of the website ,,,,!!
the only way to get data from that website was to actually go to the website from our android app like as if we are browsing to it from a browser then steal data from there and display it ... and in an event of the site owner modyfing the design of his website ,,, well our app would most definately break ,,,,!!! so this method is considered by most programmers (including myself now )as highly unstable and not acceptable
but  back then we didnt knew anything about coding and didnt have the faintest idea 
about what in the name of god is an api ,,,,!!
we thought this how everyone does it ...there was no one to tell us this was wrong ,,!1 and so we did it ,,,!!

now we have an app that is a hit ,,,!! which wouldn;t have existed if onli we know enough ,,,!! loll 
irony isnt it ,,!! sometimes being naive can be a good thing...~~

This can a fucking ted talk ...lolll..!!


  1. Good example and congrats on your job.

  2. Now yaaaay to you!! And yes this was TED talk


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