18 January 2009

A Warm Welcome ...............

Hey !!!! if u r expecting a warm welcome u r in for a surprise !!!!God Knows wat brought u to my space on the web !!!! don u have n e work ; other than wastin precious time postin n readin mindless uselesss blogs which u won even understand !!! get a life a loser .............

well for the first time in ur life u might have stumbled upon the right place to be !
this is not jus n e useless blog !!!
it is an insight into my thoughts n my srtuggle to understand life .....
this site is a mental escape for me from this crapy real earth where i put my thoughts in words and onto the web(the virtual world ) .....n i hope it dose the same for u !!!1
as it covers everthyin ta my mind thinks which is about almost everythin in this world so the name almosteverythin..........!!!!! besides it was the onli name alll those dumb bloggers culdn think off and left it for me to choose ...............

sso wat eva might be the reason ta u came to my site ....... u r luky to b here !!1 n now ta u r here u might get a life after all !!!!!................../////

ps:n e wyz !!! as u must have noticed by now my obsession wid !! and ........ i use them a lot !!!
so if tats disturbin u m not at alll sorrry !!! tats totally ur problem dude !!!
besides i don care bout the english too f.... it stop cryin !!! read the posts u moreon !!


  1. awesome man..!!

    blog season on.. maza aayegaa..!!

  2. You are still the same Aman from school. Nothing's changed..Will be nice to read more from you..

  3. U hav poured ur heart out in dis blog na...nythn done frm heart z always good..keep blogging..its fun 2 read it...


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